Amanda Fanning 

Refresh - Renew - Restore

Amanda Fanning is a certified Raw Vegan Chef/Plant Nutritionist and owner of Raw Kurious Kafe.

(She is currently getting a second certification as a master nutritional coach through Precision Nutrition and Epigenetics certification

Her chosen career field propagates health & Wellness by offering services geared to helping others through health driven consumerism, from healing the body to the overall reduction of our carbon footprint. 

Amanda has taught classes at UW Madison’s Gaylord Nelson Institute, Willy Street Co-op and Crossroads Café in Black Earth, WI. In 2019, she hosted 3 health events: Take my Heart, Emergence Feast & RKK Beauty Spa Luncheon in the Baraboo, WI area and vegan catering.


Her focus is the realm of healing through living foods. She believes that the quantum nature of our biological systems is completely attuned to the living-healing energies of plant-based foods. Phyto-micronutrients are catalysts that our bodies need to break down and utilize macro nutrients for information, gearing toward our genetic expression (Epigenetics) how our genes are influenced by what energy (Joule) we input.


Raw Kurious Kafe is partnered with Singing Trees Farm Collective, a poly-cultural, organic farm & land school teaching others the need for organic farms, socio-economic justice and indigenous, women led methodological farming methods.

She is an active member of PETA, ASPCA and other various activist groups who focus on the rights to life – rights to nature. She believes all living things are not just resources for human consumption rather, all parts of a whole, viable living organism. This symbiosis supports the vast physical and non-physical universe. 

“Proving the ground with grace and compassion” has given her meaning and focus in a world stripped of its resources and destroyed by large greed ridden, unethical corporations.


Amanda has counseled and helped many people heal through dietary lifestyle changes. Currently, her focus is Raw Kurious Kafe, a place of introduction experiencing extremely palatable plant gourmet food that’s 5 Star delicious and offers free strategies to gain superior health while eliminating the overall usage of imperialist, synthetic means.