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Vegan, Gluten Free, Gourmet Mini Cheesecakes (4inx4in) Serves 2-4

Simply, one of the best vegan desserts out there! This healing "Superfood" Dragon Fruit cheesecake is completely dairy and grain free so, if you are looking for absolutly NO GLUTEN WHATSOEVER...your safe! All ingredients are 100% Organic and we try to buy local as much as possible.


Dragon Fruit: Pre-biotic which feed the good bacteria in your gut, very nutrient dense, powerful free-radical scavenger via antioxidents like flavonoids, phenolic acid, betacyanin. It supports immune system function and is naturally fat-free and high in fiber. Overall, helps put the body into homostasis!


These make an "Utterly Awesome" gift for anyone who has that sweet-tooth but doesn't want all the garbage! - Chef A.Fanning

Pink Dragon Fruit Mini