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La Femme Ultimate is the champion of adaptogen blends for women!


This powerful elixir is excellent for leveling out erratic as a "horomone harmonizer", boosts energy levels to the maximum!!, re-establishes missing libido, nervous system support, excellent adrenal rejuvinator, cleanses the blood, promotes youth & longevity, belly sooth anti-inflammatory and basically helps your body maintain homeostasis is so many ways!


It's composition comprises of the following organic superherbs:


  • Shatavari (Queen of all Herbs): Major fatigue Fighter, hormone harmonizer, super powerful women's adaptogen
  • He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti): Youth & Longevity Herb, Blood Cleanser and Immunity
  • Ashwaganda: CNS Support, Calms the Body, Anti-inflammatory, Mood Boost, Muscle Strength and fertility support
  • Turmeric: Free Radical Fighter, Anti-Inflammatory, Memory Improvement, Allergy-Arthritis eliminator, aids in weight reduction
  • Licorice: Fatigue Fighter, Anti-Inflammatory and GI Soother
  • Ginger: Free Radical Scavenger, Respritory Aid, Reduces Stomach Issues, Heals Skin, Weightloss Aid
  • Shilajit: Aids in Brain Function, Youth Promotion, Anti Anemia, Anti-viral, Fights Chronic Fatigue, Multi Trace Mineral adaptogen


See what people are saying about it:


" I am so amazed and grateful for La Femme!!!! The last severl years Iv'e been suffering from chronic fatigue and a general feeling of daily unwellness. I tried everything from diet to progesterone and estrogen creams alongside vitamins, etc. Nothing Worked!! I started taking La Femme and within 24 hours I had so much energy! I couldn't believe it! WOW!  I cannot say enough about this product other than YOU GOTTA TRY IT!! Thank you Raw Kurious Kafe for changing my life!! - Tyken W.


We know it works...we back it 100%

La Femme Ultimate, super adaptogen powder elixer is backed by a 30day, 100% money back guarentee! If you dont absolutely fall in love with La Femme simply contact us at or call Amanda at (608) 393-9135, we will prompty refund your purchase!

La Femme Ultimate Elixir (16oz)

  • WE refund 100% 30 day money back guarentee!