Before starting with Raw Kurious
After 6 Months with Program

My name is Ron, I've struggled for many years with my weight going up and down. I searched for
many years for the right answers to proper nutrition. Growing up life was all about meat, potatoes,
bread, and gravy washed down with a glass of milk. A vegetable usually came from a can and was
considered good if you didn't add butter to them. Fresh fruit and vegetables were never a priority. That was considered good nutrition. That was how I was raised and that is how I lived my life as an adult. As I got older, I started gaining weight, my activities progressively decreased to virtually nothing. I felt as if I was dying very slowly. My blood pressure went up, my cholesterol went up, have sleep apnea, weighed at my maximum of about 330 pounds. I knew my health was going downhill but everything I tried didn't help. No matter what I did, didn't work. I looked like death walking, felt horrible, no energy. Till I met Amanda of Raw Kurious Kafe, whom I heard was some kind of naturalist, nutritionist, and Tree Lover. The word was she cheffed everything raw and natural, made her own flour and milk. This intrigued me and made me very curious. I went up to Amanda and asked her If I could ask her some questions. She said yes, sure. I started to ask her questions about her lifestyle and I said I have been trying for years and need a change, what can I do? Amanda started to educate me about the raw vegan lifestyle and the business she started, Raw Kurious Kafe. She told me to start slow, start by juicing, she gave me a couple of recipes to try.

Over the course of several months, Amanda educated me and I took notes. I tried the
juicing for a week and started bringing fresh fruit and vegetables for lunch and a snack for work, I liked it very much. I noticed when I stopped juicing and eating well, I lost all that energy, motivation, and felt horrible. I was hooked from that point on I wanted it all "Raw". I continued to learn and gradually change to an almost 100% raw lifestyle with a few cheats here and there...
I am currently still losing weight and feeling a thousand times better than I ever had in many years, Currently down from 330lbs to 235lb, and went from a 46-inch waistline to a 36-38 inch waist. Feel great, have lots of energy, I think without the brain fog, I sleep well. I could never go back to the meat and potatoes lifestyle again. THANK YOU AMANDA FROM RAW KURIOUS!! You have changed my life!