"I have a cunning plan"

Avocado sandwich with green vegan burger

The Upcycled Chef

Delightfully satiating, gourmet, and grounding plant-based cuisine for the whole family...& friends too!

These 5 stars have never been so bright...

Amanda takes "Food Art" to the next level! Using only the finest, nutrient-dense, organic ingredients, she melds together unique vegan dishes with satiating umami.


A Lil more Oomph than a rabbit salad!!


Choose from a wide variety of fine plant-based fare off the menu. From fabulously healthy breakfast options to gourmet vegan dinners, these are sure to please even those finicky meat-eaters that linger around your kitchen. 

Now how in the heck does this work? Okay...here it goes...


Step One - Call and set your date, group size, and menu preferences

Step Two - Chef gathers ingredients and all necessary items 

Step Three - Chef arrives, sets up a work station and gets busy crafting the meal

Step Four - Chef serves the meal hot and fresh right on your table with a happy smile


Finally, she will clean up her mess and tip-toes out the back door....shhhhhh


Now, who wouldn't like to be treated like Kings & Queens for a little while???

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